Natural Gas Lines…Yes We Do.

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This maybe the first blog post about gas lines in Portland, Oregon, but after we decided to build a web site to promote our business we were going all out. I believe we can get a lot of great information out to potential customers that have questions.  When it comes to the NW, gas lines are almost a must. When you need a gas line ran for your home you can call a plumber. They run water lines, steam lines, and gas lines. The difference is we specializes in gas lines only.
It was a customer last week that called us to run a gas line for her new gas stove and barbecue that she purchased at Portland Fireplace Shop and Portland Barbecue Shop that gave me the idea for this post. She called for a quote and we gave her one after asking her some questions over the phone. She was shocked at our quote! She told us that she had a plumber out the same day and his quote was twice as much and the gas company had recommended some of their sub contractors (the gas company doesn’t run residential gas lines, only to the meeter) but she wanted to shop around. And she was happy she did. I explained to her gas lines are what we do. We specializes in them and no project is to big or small. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gas line for a gas fireplace, gas insert, gas fire pit, gas stove or even a new natural gas bbq. So the next time you need a gas line ran here in the Portland area give us a call, you’ll be glad you did.

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