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Portland Heating and AC can install your pellet stove or pellet insert. Installing a freestanding pellet stove is much like installing a conventional wood burning stove. By contrast, a pellet stove insert is designed to fit into an existing fireplaces. It’s vital for both the safety and efficiency of operation that the manufacturer’s guidelines be followed.

Placement of a pellet stove

To get the most pleasure and effective heating from your stove, it’s usually a good idea to install it in a central living area.greenfire It then makes an attractive focal point for the family and the heat it gives out can flow out from this room to other areas of the house. A number of key factors have be considered before installation can get underway.

Floor protection

Unless you already have a suitable hearth in place on which to put your stove, you’ll need to have floor protection laid down that meets the manufacturer’s specs, including minimum size and type of material.Venting

Using the correct venting is vital to the safe opreation to the stove. Portland Heating and AC knows the correct venting to use and all the building codes to follow. We can even give you advise on which pellet stove to purchase.