The infrared radiant heating principle has been derived from the sun. Infrared waves from the heater penetrate the air nearly loss-free and only turn into warmth once making contact with people and surfaces. As surfaces warm, infraredthey become radiators and the entire space begins to slowly increase in temperature. An infrared garage heater uses a burner box and booster fan to generate a long flame that spans the length of the infrared tubes. As the tubes heat up, energy is radiated in all directions around the tube. Reflectors above the tube collect the energy and force it down to the floor.Benefits of natural gas infrared garage heaters:


  • Very efficient. 50% more efficient then other gas fired unit heater systems.
  • Quiet. There is no large air mover.
  • Clean. No dirt or dust being circulated throughout your work space.
  • Comfortable. Surroundings do not affect your warmth.Get out of the cold and let Portland Heating and AC install a natural gas or propane High Intensity Infrared Heater in you work or play area.