Mini-Split Air Conditioners

A ductless mini-split system is a combination of an indoor evaporator coil and an outdoor condenser unit connected by a refrigerant line set. Installation of mini-split systems does not require duct-work. Indoor units can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Mini-split systems can be installed for single zone or multi-zone applications. Single zone systems consist of one indoor unit and one outdoor condenser and provide sufficient cooling for one room. Multi-zone systems can consist of up to four indoor units and one outdoor unit and are used to cool multiple rooms. Some units come equipped with a heat pump, providing a heating application during cold winter months.

Wall mounted models are available for single zone and multi-zone applications. Air Cooled mini-split units by Daikin for Multi-Zone Systems offer unit styles to meet all home comfort needs. can be installed for single or multi-zone applications. These units are available in popular indoor colors and finishes to complement any décor.

We offer a wide variety of ductless mini-split systems manufactured by Daikin. Choosing the appropriate sized unit is based on the amount of required BTUs, which is dependent on several factors, including: climate, whether the split system will operate as a cooling unit only or a combination of cooling and heating, installation location (wall/ceiling), number/type of rooms to be serviced, the number of windows per room and the average number of people occupying the room at a single time. Complete your installation with the appropriate installation kit, which includes a line set, condenser unit pad and thermostat wiring and at Portland Heating and Air Conditioning you can do it all with one call 503-663-7454.