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Gas Fireplace Inserts turn a drafty open masonry or metal (zero clearance) fireplace into a irresistible source of charm and warmth during the coldest weather. With a Gas Fireplace Insert, there are no logs to haul or kindling to light. Just sit back in quiet comfort and use your optional remote control to start and adjust the fire. Relax and enjoy the magnificent fire as it wraps around split logs and glowing embers so realistic, you will be tempted to throw another log on the fire.

Upgrade your existing fireplace. gas_insertsA= Select a face plate design B= Choose the correct size and preferred style of facing panel C=Determine which insert best fits your (D) metal or (E) Masonry fireplace F= Air intake and exhaust vent liners are supplied and installed by your dealer

How to buy a Gas Fireplace Insert.

Sizing your fireplace for a gas insert. It would be helpful to jot down a few basic measurements. Your hearth professional can assess your installation, and help select the correct fireplace insert for your heating needs. Whatever your stove or fireplace choice, be it wood burning, gas, pellet or electric, our in house factory trained technicians install and service everything we sell. This can be especially important when warranty work becomes necessary.measure

A= Opening Height
B= Width in Front
C= Width in Back
D= Depth in Fireplace
E= Hearth to Mantle
F= Hearth to Combustible Facing
G= Distance from Hearth to Fireplace if raised
H= Width of Hearth
I= Depth of Hearth

Bold lettering is most important