gas_water_heaterPortland Heating and Air Conditioning is your gas water heater installation specialist. If there is water leaking from your existing tank there is no practical way to repair it. With conventional water heaters energy standards have improved over the years which means that any heater you purchase today is likely to be more efficient than the heater that needs replacement. There are issues to be addressed and choices that need to be made. It is time to consider issues like: Was this heater the perfect size for us? Are children getting to the age where they want longer showers? Are children leaving home and now perhaps we might down size? Do we intend to live here much longer? What size might a prospective buyer of our home expect? Would we want to relocate the water heater, perhaps to a metal enclosure on the side or at the rear of the home to free up more space or to decrease the chance of future water damage in it’s present location? Would we want a metal pan under the water heater that drained to the outside? Would we be interested in a circulating system which would get hot water much sooner to that back shower or kitchen sink? Would a tankless “on demand” type heater be a good choice for us? Would it make sense to change over from an electric heater to a gas heater? These are all considerations that you may want to address before choosing which heater will suit your needs best as a replacement. We are here to answer your questions and of course you are free to call and talk to our knowledgable specialists.